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Disguise Your HVAC Unit in Style

Outdated HVAC system? We know that not all systems can look as good or be as unstoppable as a Trane, so it may make sense to cleverly disguise your existing unit until you can purchase a new one.

Trane.com offers smart ideas on their website on ways to hide your HVAC unit until a new one is on the way! Keep in mind, when using a wall or decorative border to hide your system, it’s important to make sure they are placed far enough away from your unit. You never want to compromise the airflow and efficiency of your system.

Faux Planting.
Did you know they make faux ivy leaf netting that actually looks like a tall hedge? You don’t even have to hone your landscaping skills to have a professional disguise for your HVAC unit! It’s easy to clean and maintain. All that’s needed is an occasional spray with the garden hose. It attaches to a fence for ease!

The Real Deal.
Shade will help your unit perform better, so landscaping around the unit is a nice touch aesthetically as well as for functionality. When there’s shade, the A/C unit will run at a lower temperature and doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home this summer. Look for plants that don’t lose their leaves during the cold, winter months. Plants like hedges work well and can be trimmed to your liking.

Another option? Build a lattice around your HVAC unit and pick climbing plants for the area. This is a relatively simple and attractive option! Just be sure to keep things trimmed and tidy around the unit so airflow isn’t compromised.

Wicker Screens Work!
Surrounding your HVAC unit with a decorative screen works great! Target, among other traditional retailers, offer free-standing, decorative screens in different styles that can be used to conceal your HVAC unit. A more traditional option, it offers the sturdiness of steel or resin, powder-coated to resist rust and mildew. What many home owners love is its flexibility! The screens can be arranged in different ways to fit your area and your needs. Screens come in various heights, too.

Some retailers offer pre-assembled panels that typically come in cedar, but can be painted to reflect your personal style. When sold as individual panels, you can create as many as you need to hide the outdoor unit.

Green Thumb Tip.
CritterGuard has a garden fence that can be used for gardeners wanting to keep the deer, rabbits, and others away from their gardens. It offers a great design for homeowners also wanting to hide their HVAC system from the neighbors. Transfer your gardening green thumb over to your HVAC project, disguising the unit while also planting flowering vines around it.

If you’re not sure how to conceal your HVAC unit, give one of the experts at Viviano HVAC a call. It may even be time to replace that old, outdated unit with a brand, new shiny one! We provide heating and cooling services for all types of systems in Collinsville, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Troy, Alton and beyond. Let us help you and your family stay cool and comfortable all summer long! Call us today at 618-345-7498 so we can help you find a reliable, cost-effective solution for all of your HVAC needs.