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Humidifiers - Why Are They Important?

Indoor air quality of the home is a big deal. As winter approaches, we find ourselves indoors more often, keeping warm from any inclement weather. Year-round, it’s even estimated that we spend an average of 90% of our time inside! So, it’s not surprising that the indoor air quality of our home has a significant influence on our overall well-being and how we feel. Being inside, having your heat run for longer stretches of time, can really dry out the air in your home. With a whole house humidifier, you are able to achieve the right amount of moisture in every room of the house – and that makes life at home more comfortable and even healthier.

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HVAC Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Winter Season

The fall season brings the joy of pumpkin patches, bonfires, corn mazes and warm apple cider. It also means that the cold winter is right around the corner. Is your HVAC system ready to take on the winter season? Here are some simple HVAC tips to ensure that your family will be warm and comfortable in your home this winter.

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A Smart Way to Save Money: Preventative Maintenance

Everyone likes to save money. Whether it’s buying a new car or shopping around for new furniture, we like finding a deal. When investing in a new car, for example, it’s usually smart to also invest in an extended warranty. We all know things can happen, so planning for the future is the logical thing to do. When thinking about household expenses like heating and cooling your home, the Department of Energy states it’s the largest expense for most homeowners. What if you could take an extra step to ensure that your HVAC is running more efficiently, potentially decreasing your expenses in the long term?

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Coming Clean with Air Cleaners

Families today are spending more and more time at home than ever before. With home offices, media rooms, and large kitchens for entertaining, there’s nothing better than spending time with family and friends at home in a space that is unequivocally your own, tailored to your taste and comfort.

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Keep Your Cool With An Energy Efficient A/C System

It’s summertime and it’s hot! What if your air conditioning system isn’t working to its maximum capacity? If it’s time to shop for a new air conditioning unit, there are a few things to consider. Will I notice an improvement in performance with a new unit? Will I notice the savings? Is a new air conditioning system really worth the investment? The truth is, A/C units that are energy efficient tend to come with huge perks.

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