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It’s Hot! Why is my A/C Not Working Properly?


Over time, everything from flooring to the paint on our walls shows wear and tear in our homes. As homeowners, we know that appliances, exterior siding, and plumbing doesn’t stay new forever! When it comes to your heating and cooling equipment, there are definitely ways to extend the life of your system. Air conditioning units can last fifteen years or more when properly maintained and serviced. If your current system isn’t working as efficiently as it should, read some of the answers to the commonly asked questions below. And, if your system needs servicing or repair, Viviano HVAC can help simply by calling us at (618)345-7498.

A/C not working? Check the following.

Well, it could be that your thermostat is set to heat instead of cool. This is common during the beginning of the season. Try setting the temperature about 2-4 degrees below room temperature and see if you notice a difference in your home’s comfort level. Does your thermostat have batteries? Changing them out may also be the solution.

Another reason your A/C may not be working is because the circuit breaker may have been tripped. If that has happened, try resetting it. If your breaker trips again, you may need to call us because of the issue. There is likely a reason why this is happening and its related to your air conditioning drawing in more amps because something is causing it to overwork (which makes its operation inefficient).

Another solution that we place emphasis on often is the importance of cleaning or replacing your air conditioning filters. Routinely checking and replacing filters is one of the first things you can do if your A/C isn’t working properly, especially if it’s been quite some time since you have changed or cleaned the filters. Filters can get clogged and dirty, hindering the circulation of cool air. Not sure where your filters are on your system? Give Viviano a call and we can help.

Warm air is coming from my air conditioning unit.

Refrigerant leaks can happen over time and can be costly. If warm air is coming out of your air conditioning, it may be a refrigerant leak. Don’t wait to find the source of the leak if you suspect there is one. If your system is running properly, you shouldn’t have to replace freon but it might be running low. A member of the Viviano service team can evaluate your system and repair the cause of the leak, restoring your freon level and bringing comfort to your home again! Always call someone you trust so you don’t end up in the same situation months later, telling you it needs to be refilled again.

Funny smelling air coming from your vents?

There could be mold and bacteria build up that’s causing you’re A/C unit to smell funny. If there is mold on your evaporator coil or in other areas of your system, we recommend having your evaporator coil cleaned by a professional, especially if the smell is lingering after repeated use. Other ways to remove musty odors include cleaning filters, cleaning the drain pan and checking ductwork for cleanliness, too.

Uneven cooling within the home.

If your upstairs rooms and downstairs are completely different temperatures, your air conditioning unit just can’t keep up! By creating climate zones in your home, your cooling system can operate more efficiently.

For example, one “do-it-yourself” solution is to close a few vents on the first floor if you are finding your upstairs is too warm. A Viviano heating and cooling professional can also install a climate zone system like the Trane ComfortLink™ Zoning System that directs heated or cooled air exactly where it’s needed the most! We also find that sometimes, the existing system in our customer’s homes are not the proper size for their house. If that is the case, a new air conditioner may be the solution to your heating and cooling issues.

What do I do about my high utility bill?

If your system is running too often and seemingly working harder to maintain a temperature, this can result in a higher bill. Try adjusting your thermostat to a more moderate temperature, especially if the current setting is a lot cooler than the outdoor one. Also, there’s a chance that the unit is simply not as energy efficient as it could be. If your air conditioner is over 10 years old and has a SEER rating of 10 or less, it’s costing you money.

One of the best ways to save money on your heating and cooling is a maintenance membership with Viviano HVAC. We regularly inspect your system to make sure things are running efficiently, keeping you cool in the summer months and warm when the temperatures begin to drop. Want to learn more about family owned and operated Viviano Heating and Air Conditioning? Click here or give us a call at (618) 345-7498.