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Home Renovation Happening? Follow These HVAC Tips!

Are home renovations finally underway? You’ve been saving and planning for that new sunroom or additional office space for quite some time and now your dreams are becoming a reality! Ideally, you have already discussed with your contractor what needs to happen so that your heating and cooling system is protected during the renovation, especially during bigger projects that generate a lot of dust. Here are some handy tips to follow during a home renovation.

Make a plan before construction begins. Consult with the general contractor on the project and make sure you ask how your HVAC system is going to be protected during the renovation. There are certain products that can be used to help keep dust and debris under control. In some cases, it may be better to also turn off your heating and cooling system altogether while work is happening.

Another good idea is to make sure your current heating and cooling system is sized properly to accommodate the renovation and having this discussion earlier in the process is ideal.

Visit the hardware store. Whether it’s you or a member of the renovation team, there are some handy products that can be purchased that will not only protect your home’s belongings, but also your home’s HVAC. Specialty, magnetic vent covers can be purchased from stores like Ace Hardware or Wal-mart in a variety of sizes to completely cover vents. This helps dust from seeping into the ductwork. If you are adding a room or getting rid of a wall, the use of tarps will also help to protect the rest of the home and seal the doorway where the work is happening.

Take it outside! Cutting tile, wood or whatnot? It’s best to take your cutting jobs outdoors because it can generate a lot of dust within the home and that will wreak havoc on your HVAC system. Even a smaller renovation can create a lot of unwanted dust in your home, so tell your construction crew to please “take it outside” when cutting.

Clean your ductwork. After the renovation is complete and before you begin enjoying your new space, it’s best to change out your system’s filter and also have your ductwork cleaned. Viviano offers a maintenance membership that can also help to ensure your system is operating at its best efficiency, after a renovation and all year long. If you want to learn more, visit our website at https://vivianoair.com/heating-cooling-services/maintenance-program.

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