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Clean Air, Happy Home

With many of us, the fall season brings with it allergies. Itchy eyes and runny noses can be caused by the outside elements, making our days and nights uncomfortable. Did you know that it’s not always the outside allergens affecting us? Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, can be considered even more polluted than outdoor air! Here are some straightforward tips for cleaning your indoor air.

Buy a plant. Yes, indoor plants can actually help your indoor air quality. Freshen up your living space while at the same time improving your indoor air. The best plants for improving your IAQ are known to be the “mother-in-law tongue plant” which filters air and converts CO2 to oxygen at night instead of taking away oxygen like some other plants. The areca palm and the money tree are other air purifiers, but it’s best to do some research to make sure the plants you choose are kid and pet-friendly, too.

Keep it clean! Ever so often, it’s best to remove area rugs, drapes and plush toys and clean them. It’s also important to dust frequently and minimize clutter that will collect dust. When vacuuming, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Using allergy-proof mattress covers on the bed also help to cut down on allergens. Also, it’s also best to wash your bedding in hot water at least every two weeks.

A restful nights sleep. If you suffer from allergies, you may want to consider keeping your pets out of the bedroom when sleeping and refrain from sleeping with the windows open when it starts to cool off. It’s best to continue to run the A/C if your allergies are really bothering you or other members of your family. Even setting the mood with burning candles and using the wood fireplace in the home can irritate allergy sufferers; so think twice about your evening’s ambiance.

Air purifiers and air cleaners make a difference. At one time, air purifiers and cleaners were only being used for people with allergies and asthma. However, today’s research shows they are good for everyone. If there is dust in your home it’s also in the air you are breathing, so why not take advantage of cleaning the indoor air with an air purifier? Without one, it’s just your lungs removing all of those pollutants! It’s important to remember to regularly clean or change the air filter. Mark it on your calendar or set an alarm on your phone to do so. It’s really that simple.

Clean the vents (and more) in your home. Before cleaning vents, turn off your home’s HVAC system. If ceiling vents are particularly dirty, protect furniture by covering the area below the vent with a sheet. One tip used to clean the ceiling fans is to use a pillowcase. Pull the pillowcase over each blade of the fan and you’ll catch most of the dirt and dust within it. It also makes sense to wear a baseball cap to keep falling dust out of your eyes and hair when cleaning vents and ceiling fans. Next, vacuum vents using a dusting brush attachment or microfiber duster. It’s best to not use water or other cleaning products because they can smear the dust onto the walls, making more of a mess.

Clean green. Some of us are more sensitive to cleaning products than others. It may make sense to switch to a certified low-emitting cleaner or make your own household cleaners using vinegar and hydrogen peroxide products with lemon juice. You can find recipes online, most likely using products you already own in the home. If you do use store bought cleaning products with more concentration or chemicals to clean with, remember to store any solvents or pesticides away from your living spaces.

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