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When Should I Schedule My Furnace Maintenance?

We know…the smell of fall is barely in the air and you may still have your pool open. In the days ahead, you may even be able to turn off the A/C and open the windows, letting the cool breezes float inside your home, running your ceiling fans in all the bedrooms. Well, before we know it, it’ll be time to run our furnaces to keep our families warm and comfortable. Is your furnace working at its peak efficiency? You may not be running your HVAC system much this time of year, but that just means it’s a perfect time to schedule a preventative maintenance visit.

Viviano Heating and Air Conditioning knows that your furnace is an important part of being comfortable during those cold winter days and nights. We offer an unmatched maintenance agreement for our customers making preventative maintenance extremely affordable. Isn’t it better to find out if your outdated furnace needs some TLC before the cold weather hits? At Viviano, we can service your older system or install something new and more efficient. We do it all and we can suit any budget.

Did your furnace run constantly last winter, causing your utility bill to skyrocket? Did you end up having to schedule a few service calls last year just to keep it running? Your furnace may be at the end of its lifespan. It may be time to have Viviano visit your home to assess what’s happening and to offer recommendations on keeping your family comfortable when the temperatures dip. Scheduling annual furnace tune-ups at the beginning of fall is the ideal time to plan ahead. Temperatures are going to change, so doesn’t it make sense to be prepared?

We are able to determine if your furnace is operating well with a few checklist items. Our goal is to prepare your home for the upcoming winter, and we will offer suggestions on what needs to be done so your furnace’s operation is working at its best.  No matter what, your equipment needs regular maintenance to keep it operating at its peak efficiency. Regular maintenance also reduces the chance of an HVAC crisis during the holidays, a party at your home, or anytime a furnace breakdown is least desirable or expected.

One of the main reasons our customers turn to Viviano time and time again is because they know that when equipment is working at its best, it’ll also save money on utility bills. It’s time to give Viviano a call at (618) 345-7498 to schedule a comprehensive clean and check or annual preventative maintenance visit. Check out the offers page on our website at to learn more. Fall is a great time to enjoy the many products and services we offer.