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Keep Your Furry Friends Cool This Summer

Ever hear of the saying, “Dog Days of Summer”? Ancient Romans referred to Sirius as the “dog star”, named because they associated Sirius with the hottest days of summer. Typically, during the months of July and August, it’s hard for us to keep cool when the temperatures are blazing hot. Extreme heat can be hard on your AC Unit…and your pets. Here are some cool tips to help with lower utility bills and a happier pet!

Cut the lights, fans and electronics when you leave. Does Fido like to watch TV when you’re gone? Unfortunately, that raises utility costs, indoor temperatures and can actually make a pet more active than relaxed. It’s also a good idea to turn off ceiling fans. Leaving a ceiling fan on is nice for us humans that sweat, but it doesn’t really do much for our four-legged friends.

Programmable thermostats. Raising your thermostat just a few degrees when you’re gone can really cut down on energy costs. A recommended temperature is 78 degrees since regular body temperature for dogs is about 3-4 degrees higher than humans and they will still be comfortable with the temperature set a bit higher. Using a programmable thermostat will keep your room and house temp on track!

Might be time for a leak check! Does it seem like your AC is running all the time? Your air conditioning could be escaping from doors and windows. Weather stripping added to any window gaps will help keep the hot air out of your home. This will also make everyone, including man’s best friend, more comfortable.

Use your curtains, blinds and shades. During the hot summer days and when you are at work, keep the blinds closed to keep the unwanted heat out of your home. If your pet enjoys looking out the window while you are away, select his/her favorite spot and keep that one window open but keep the other window shades closed. If you have blinds, tilt the slats so they face upward to help reflect light away from the interior of your home.

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