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Efficient Heating Tips from Trane

Fall has arrived! With the beautiful fall foliage comes the brisk days and the chilly nights, so it is important that your heater is working before winter hits. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can affect the efficiency of your heater. The good news is we have some relatively easy fixes to turn your chilly, drafty home into the cozy haven it’s meant to be!

Why is my heat not working?
If you have a gas furnace, you may need to check your pilot light and your gas light. It’s possible that your pilot light is no longer lit. If that is the case, check your owner’s manual for instructions on how to re-light your pilot light. If you are still unsure after reading the manual, contact us at Viviano. If you find that your main gas line is turned off, you’ll need to contact your local gas company for help.

There are a few other reasons that could be contributing to your lack of heat. Your circuit breaker may have been tripped, so you’ll need to reset it. The thermostat may not be calibrated properly or set too low. Sometimes, your heating issues could simply stem from the thermostat not being set to “heat.” If it is set to heat and still seems to not do anything, try setting the thermostat a few degrees warmer than room temperature to see if that helps.

Why is the downstairs colder than the upstairs?
Heat may be escaping to the upper half of your house. You can create climate zones to heat the rooms you want to be warmer using two different methods. There’s a DIY way to create climate zones. Close a few (not all) vents upstairs on the second floor in order to force more air downstairs. The other way to create climate zones is to contact a Viviano technician to install a climate zone system in your home. With this system, warm or cool air is directed where it is needed the most.

Another reason the two levels of your home may be different temperatures is your insulation and weather strips may need to be replaced. As most people know, warm air rises while cold air collects close to the ground. Any draft sneaking in through cracks in doors or windows will be felt more on the ground level than the second level.

Why is the air flow so weak?
If your airflow isn’t very strong, you may ask yourself when the last time was that your filters were replaced. If it has been longer than a year, that is most likely your problem. Dirt and dust collect over time and block the furnace screen. If you have a dusty home, own animals or are a smoker, you may need to change the filter even more frequently. It’s also possible that you have a blockage in your ducts, which would require a Viviano technician to service your system.

Why are my utility bills so expensive?
If you prefer a warm house and have your thermostat significantly warmer than the temperature outside, your furnace is working very hard. The harder the furnace works, the higher your bill will be from constantly running. Lower the thermostat to a more moderate temperature to reduce your bill a bit. It’s also possible that your utility company simply raised their rates. If you suspect this to be the case, contact your local utility company or learn more about Ambit Energy and Viviano Energy Services at

A sure way to avoid any heating issues is to schedule a seasonal maintenance program. Viviano’s highly trained technicians are committed to lowering utility bills, improving reliability, reducing repairs and improving capacity and safety of your equipment. To get more information about the maintenance program, visit