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Smart Steps to Protect HVAC Equipment in Late Summer and Fall

This season, many of us in the Midwest are wary of storms that can bring rain, wind and power outages. If you’re looking for ways to get ready for nasty storms, visit the website for handy tips. Here are also a few ways you can take special care of your HVAC equipment when storms are being forecasted.

Storms coming? Pre-cool your house. If strong winds are forecasted in the next few weeks and you live in a wooded area with above-ground electrical wires, you know that tree branches can cause damage and power outages. Think your power may go out in the storm? Cool your home in advance, close drapes and blinds, and keep that cold air inside as long as possible. Setting your thermostat to a cooler temperature is just one way to ensure the coolness will last longer if the power does indeed go out.

When lightning strikes! Electrical surges from lightning strikes during a storm can wreak havoc and damage your air conditioning unit. Debris could also get stuck in the outdoor unit, burning out the motor. Another option during a storm is to shut off power to your A/C system. Trane recommends turning off power from your thermostat and circuit breaker.

We’ve got you covered. This step is really only necessary if the storms expected include high winds in your area. First, turn off the air conditioner, then cover it with a tarp or plywood to protect it from the impending, flying debris. Remove the covering as soon as it’s safe because keeping the unit covered for too long can trap moisture, leading to mildew and mold.

Keep it secure. Elevated air conditioners, ones on second stories for example, should be secured with hurricane straps to keep it in place during those strong wind gusts. Or, if your area is prone to flooding, it may make sense to get an HVAC professional to raise your unit for added protection and security.

After the storm. Check for damage before turning the system back on. Of all tips listed, this is one of the most important ones. If a storm came through and it was intense, know that flooding or debris could have damaged your unit even if you took precautions. Storm winds can cause disconnections within your unit, too. Assess your unit carefully and turn your unit on as soon as it’s safe. Contact Viviano if the storm did end up causing damage and we can help you determine what the next steps may be.

If you aren’t certain why your unit isn’t working properly after a storm, it’s a good idea to contact Viviano so one of our trained experts can inspect the unit for damage, keeping your household safe and comfortable. We provide heating and cooling service for all types of systems. Based out of Collinsville, Illinois and in business for almost thirty years, Viviano provides service to surrounding areas to include Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Troy, Alton and beyond. Let us help you and your family stay comfortable, through sunshine or storms! Call us today at 618-345-7498 so we can help you find a reliable, cost-effective solution as your partner in HVAC.