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Troubleshooting Basics

Sometimes things can go wrong and it’s always helpful to have resources you can turn to in times of uncertainty. Whether your car is starting to make a “clack-clack-clacking” noise, or you notice ants in your kitchen, having a specialist offer their assistance can be very beneficial. If you are having air conditioning or other system issues, Viviano HVAC has been trained to help troubleshoot the most basic problems or the most challenging ones. Here are some common troubleshooting tips.

It’s hot! You get home from work, open your front door, and realize: I have no air conditioning. What do you do? The first recommended action you should take is check your home circuit breaker box and reset the circuit breaker. Another tip is to make sure your thermostat control is set to the correct temperature. It could be off or the programming could be set incorrectly. If the thermostat is on and set to cool, it’s probably time to give us a call.

Have you ever noticed that your indoor unit is running but the outdoor unit is not? If this is happening, air coming through vents will be warm. Again, check your temperature setting on your thermostat first. If it looks accurate yet not producing cool air, turn off your thermostat and give us a call.

Lack of airflow in the home? You may have dirty filters. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your filters or had your system serviced, that may be the culprit. It’s important to clean or replace filters as recommended by your use and care guides. If clean filters don’t fix the issue, give Viviano a call. Dirty coils can also be problematic, so if there’s water below your unit and the exterior surface of the indoor coil enclosure is cold, it is best to turn the thermostat off and give us a call. Know what else? We offer a Maintenance Membership Plan that can’t be beat, putting a stop to issues before they arise.

You rip open the bill from the utilities company and your jaw drops! Is your utility bill unusually high? Ask yourself the following: Is your system cycling all the time? Is the thermostat reaching its value? Sometimes new appliances like a hot tub or pool heater added to the bill will surprise you with the power required to run them. Also, make sure your utility company hasn’t had a rate increase. If your system isn’t reaching its set point, it’s time to reach for your phone and call us. Also, keep in mind that Viviano HVAC also provides our customers with a free energy analysis through Ambit Energy. Interested? Learn more at

It seems like your air conditioner is ALWAYS RUNNING. What’s going on? If your system is running constantly, check the set point on your thermostat. Is it really low (in the hot, summer months) or very high (in the midst of winter)? The first tip is to reset your thermostat. If that doesn’t fix the problem, give us a call.

We know that the day your air conditioning decides to stop working is usually the day you have a graduation party, reunion, or other big event planned at your home. On-going maintenance, like signing up for our Maintenance Program, will help you avoid many of the potential problems that can arise with any HVAC system during important times (or just a normal day at home). Whether your A/C system is lacking air movement or not producing cold air this summer, we can help. Our main goal is to keep you and your family cool and comfortable all summer long. Give us a call! 618-345-7498.