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Everyone who lives in the Midwest knows just how temperamental the winters can be. Even though this winter has been relatively mild so far, we need to be prepared for the coldest of days and teeth chattering wind chill, forcing us to stay inside our homes where it’s warm and cozy. At Viviano, we want to make sure all of our client’s furnaces and HVAC systems are working as effectively as the day they were installed in your home. Our company takes great pride in its staff being the most experienced, qualified, and knowledgeable, ensuring that residential HVAC systems provide families with a warm and comfortable place to enjoy time spent with loved ones.

To keep your heating source working consistently throughout this year’s winter, we recommend hiring Viviano’s trained professionals to inspect and maintain your heating unit. With the Viviano Maintenance Program, you decrease the chance considerably that something goes wrong with your furnace, also decreasing your chance of a future service call. Our trained professionals can detect deteriorated air filters, dirty condenser coils and test safety controls. We can properly clean and check your system, making sure it’s ready for the season. At Viviano, we are here to help you spot problems with heating sources before they arise, so our HVAC Maintenance Program clients never have to be without heat for any period of time.  Plus, you get priority customer status if a need for a service call does arise. The best part? Viviano offers HVAC system and furnace repairs on all different makes and models, whether we installed your system or not.

As a member of our HVAC Maintenance Membership Program, your heating system will maximize its performance from routine maintenance including:
•    Cleaning or replacing air filter
•    Cleaning and inspecting blower wheel and motor
•    Testing safety controls on heating system
•    Inspecting the burner and heat exchange on furnace
•    Inspecting flues and gas lines for any leaks
•    …and more!

There are several common signs that show your HVAC system needs replacement or repair. Remember that high quality furnace systems from companies such as Trane should last 10-15 years, but can often last up to 20 years or more with proper routine maintenance. If your heating system is older and not working as well as it once did, be sure to contact Viviano for an inspection or replacement. Your furnace might also need maintenance if you are hearing unusual noises from your unit, having difficulty noticing a change in room temperature when increasing or decreasing your thermostat, higher utility bills, or a change in the color of your pilot light. Our staff can inform you of signs to look out for regarding your heating systems and tips to prolong the life of any model of furnace.

Call us today at (618) 345-7498 if you are having service-related issues with your HVAC system. For more information, visit We've been serving communities in the Metro-east for over 25 years, and your home comfort is our number one concern. Give us a call today.