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The Truth About Heat Pumps

A recent article by Trane explains that there are misconceptions consumers may have about heat pumps. Today, smart homeowners are looking for ways to be more energy-efficient, and heat pumps may be one way to make not only your home but your monthly energy bills a bit more comfortable. Here are some heat pump myths debunked!

Heat pumps are only for heating the home.

The truth is, the heat pump name is misleading. Heat pumps use a mechanical-compression refrigeration system that can both heat or cool your home. So, no matter the season, this means you only need one system year-round to keep your home comfortable. The “reversing valve” that reverses the flow of the refrigerant is something that traditional air conditioners don’t have and makes a heat pump unique.

Heat pumps cost more.

Well, this simply isn’t true. Heat pumps can actually save you over 30% on your energy bill, compared to other conventional heating systems available. That’s why heat pumps are becoming a bit more popular for the savvy homeowner. The upfront costs may be a little more than other options, but when you pair an efficient heat pump with appropriate insulation it will actually save you money over time.

Heat pumps are loud.

Fear you may need to wear earplugs indoors? Worried it will be a flashback to your 20s when you lived next to the “L” or train route? Heat pumps at one time were quite noisy, but modern air pump technology has created quieter systems and when your heat pump is installed by a professional at Viviano, excess noise won’t be an issue.

Heat pumps don’t warm the home in colder climates.

This misconception is one of the biggest ones. It’s thought that heat pumps don’t work as well in colder climates and this is simply not the case. Most efficient heat pumps like the Climatuff™ Variable Speed Compressor Heat Pumps from Trane can handle temps as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat pumps have a limited lifespan.

Some believe heat pumps break down or run out faster because they run throughout the year. The truth is, as long as your heat pump is cared for and maintained regularly, high quality models like the ones from Trane will last beyond 15-20 years.

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